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www.kunstonline.info is Belgium's biggest contemporary visual arts' researchplatform. it documents the rapidly evolving field of art with a starting focus on Belgium. this extensive and complex structure has been developed by looking at real life. it now provides a web-based, cost-free platform that allows individuals and organisations to post and manage material themselves. due to the highly rhizoomatic nature, it will allow unsurpassed ways to (re)visit at the past, present and future cultural scene. this project is on the web since 2003. active development on this version ceased in 2005. data input on this version virtually halted in 2006. contact us at here
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this project has been made possible by immense private funding and support by the flemish community, provincie vlaams-brabant and cera

kunstonline is Belgiums most extended continually evolving and growing digital platform devoted to contemporary art featuring images, biographies, lists of events etc...